Home provides first learning environment to the children and parents are the first teachers. They not only guide children in their progressive path but also demonstrate the appropriate behavior by their actions.

We strongly believe that a close partnership between school and parents greatly contribute in the child’s development. Frequent communication between teachers and parents enables to inform each other of relevant information concerning the child. We appreciate being informed of any change at home that might affect child and will treat accordingly in close confidence.

We organize parent teacher meetings regularly to discuss child’s progress with his/ her parents. There is an open-door policy at SANFORT; parents can always meet teachers or school authorities on prior appointment to discuss any matter related to the development of the child. 


Though SANFORT provides a variety of opportunities to parents to participate in the programs like birthday celebrations, festival celebrations, annual day celebration but we organize various events like Orientation Programs, Parenting Workshops & Seminars, Mother’s Day, Parent’s Day and Grandparent’s Day exclusively for parents & grandparents.


Admission in desired formal school has become a big task for parents in metro & big cities. The young busy parents are running from pillar to post to get a suitable school for their children. To simplify the admission process we organize seminar for parents to provide the detailed information on formal school admission process and all the queries of parents related to formal school admission process are answered by highly experienced professionals and principals/ directors of reputed schools.

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