Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is based on The U. K. Concept of Preschool Education (EYFS – Early Years Foundation Stage), which involves effective and time-tested elements of traditional learning infused with cutting-edge technology resources, which makes the teaching &learning more effective and joyful. The curriculum is crafted to help children to learn with uniquely designed activities, games & role-plays.

Our curriculum is crafted in “Core Value Circle” which helps children in the refinement of their senses; communication & language development, motor skill development, physical development, creative development, social development, personality development, problem-solving, reasoning & numeracy skills, practical life/ care for self & environment and understanding of the world.


    A child starts using his all five senses since his birth to explore and make sense of his surroundings. Children at their early age are excited to explore new things every moment so; every unfamiliar sight, taste, smell and sound can be exciting for them. We plan our sensory activities to give children an opportunity to learn by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving and hearing. The type of movement involved in our sensory play like squeezing, pinching, sorting, placing, and scooping, listening, etc. are designed to improve their fine motor skills and increase the brain pathways to boost-up their hand-eye coordination. This holistic learning process encourages children to play safely and engage with their surroundings as well as improve their brain development.


    There is a wide range of opportunities for development in language skills. We have a well-equipped book corner and a role play area. Story time, D.E.A.R and news time activities are a regular feature. Children are encouraged to explore a wide range of innovative and linguistic activities that provide opportunities to understand and learn new vocabulary.

    Early writing skills are promoted at the appropriate age and children are encouraged to write alphabets, numbers and letters using tracing activities in different ways, and followed by upper and lower case letters. Children’s knowledge of word building is developed through individual and group activities. Stories, poems, listening station, worksheets, computer applications and audio-visual aids help them to associate sounds with letters and words and develop the understanding about the phonetic sounds.

    The colourful and thematic display in the classrooms is always interactive and providing a stimulating learning environment. This is an integral part of our system, which very helpful in developing awareness of the written word in the children.


    We have specially designed activities and tools to develop motor skills of children, which help them in their physical growth, and strengthening of bones, muscles and ability to move and touch their surroundings.

    We have scientifically planned activities for children to enhance their fine motor skills with the movements of their hands, wrists, fingers, feet, toes, lips and tongue and development of their Gross motor by involving them in the activities and game like walk, run, jump and skip, etc.


    Children at their early age experience a wide range of activities that help them to develop and strengthen their muscular skills, manipulative skills, and control of their body and an awareness of space. At our schools, children learn how to use a range of tools including pencils, paint brush, paper, scissors, crayons and glue sticks and participate in a variety of activities such as drawing, painting, cutting, sticking, etc. There are also opportunities to make models and use a good range of construction toys.

    There is a variety of indoorand outdoor activities planned to enable their gross and fine motor skills and to imbibe activities, based on their hand-eyes co-ordination and body control. We encourage the children to use their imaginations and physical skills to make good use of our resources.


    Our schools have a stimulating and informative atmosphere for early learners. They will explore a new topic related to the curriculum plan. Activities, such as painting, drawing, multi media and model making and role-plays ensure that the children are actively involved in their school activities. They are encouraged to participate in dance, music, drama and debates in the school events, festivals, special assemblies and inter-schools competitions to show and improve their creative skills.


    Children’s personal and social development is a strong feature of our schools, both in planned activities and guided play in the daily schedule. Sanfort’s behaviour policy ensures that the children learn right from wrong in the early stages and they are taught to think and respect the feelings of others and develop a sense of empathy.

    Children are encouraged to play together and share. They are given opportunity to play and work in groups or independently. Children also develop their self-confidence and personal independence, through activities such as news time, giving out the snacks, looking for their own book and taking care of their own personal hygiene.


    We believe that every child is unique and we respect its uniqueness accordingly we try to blossom the inherent talent and personality quotient. Personality development is an outcome of cognitive, emotional, motivational and temperamental attributes that determine child’s view about himself, his world and the future.

    Children are easy to adept and curious to learn.With this believe we have an outcome based performing art activities in our curriculum. We encourage them to participate in Role Plays, Stage presentations, Show & Tell, Music, Dance & Drama, Rhyme & Stories, etc. to develop a self - esteemed and confident child.


    In our schools children are given a wide range of scientifically planned activities, they are encouraged to count and sort using shape, size and colour. They are introduced to environmental mathematics through child friendly play dough, constructive toys, abacus, thread & beads and pattern based wall and floor games activities. Our teachers use rich mathematical vocabulary to introduce concepts such as under, over, behind, heavy and light. Children are encouraged to use day-to-day life skill concepts of counting as a part of their play to enhance their thinking skills.Lots of activities are planned to refine their fine motor skills and they are encouraged to write numbers.


    Our aim is to develop self-reliant individuals who are independent in accomplishing wide range of life-skills by themselves and prove to be a valuable asset to the society as a whole.

    Promoting a sense of self and environment includes personal, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual components of an individual’s well being. We create an environment that supports children to engage in self-care with their positive outlook, self-awareness, healthy habits and mindfulness, etc. We empower them to do things for themselves like Yoga & aerobics, use of magical words, table manners, self-hygiene, basic etiquettes and positive outlook.

    Awareness about environment is also an important aspect for children. To inculcate the behavioral values we plan activities and events like tree plantation drive, earth day, save water, save electricity, clean your neighbourhood and help the needy, etc. to make them global citizen


    We encourage our students to look at the world and all its surroundings. The children are encouraged to portray self-images in every term through drawing, model making, painting and self-expression. We help them to develop their moral values to take care of the environment and surrounding being a good citizen of the nation. Their Photographs and videos are taken on a regular basis so that children can refer to their past experiences and learn from them.

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