At Sanfort classrooms are a cozy, comfy, cuddly place where Children are constructively engaged and teachers are observing, facilitating, and motivating them. Our classrooms are thoughtfully designed and structured, keeping in mind the safety and wellbeing of children. We believe that small group activities can happen naturally in the classrooms hence, we keep 1:15 teacher to student ratio in our schools.


Sanfort’s Activity Arcade are attractively designed with various enthralling concepts like doll house, Farm house, Zoo, Ball Pool, Toy Section, Concept Hut, Puzzle Corner and Role Play Corner, etc. to allow children to explore their interests. Our activity arcade helps children learn naturally by exploring different materials and also helps in developing their motor skills, reasoning, critical thinking and social skills.


We strongly believe that technology plays a very important role in preschool education today, therefore our classrooms are well equipped with large format interactive touch panels uniquely designed Smart Learning System to make learning process more interesting and interactive. It helps children to explore their curiosity and to develop their cognitive skills. 


We desire to bring out the best in our little Sanfortees and make them smart and confidant individual. We motivate our children to show their talent on the stage in the form of dance, drama, recitation, music and singing, etc. It helps children to bring out their unique talent and help in psychological and personality development of the children.


Physical activities are very important for healthy development of the brain moreover it helps in the social, emotional, and cognitive development of the child. Therefore, we have fun-filled and child friendly play area in our schools well equipped with swings, slides, bouncy, tricycles, cars, trampoline, splash pool, etc.


We provide healthy and nutritious meal to our children. During their meal times our little Sanfortees learn how to make nutritious choices, also discover a wide variety of different foods and develop healthy eating habits. The meals include one seasonal fruit and a healthy food like Kheer, Vermicelli, Pulao, Poha, Sandwich, etc.

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